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Watch Mission Hunter 2 : Battle Warrior (1996) : Full Movie Online Free Tony Jaa (star of the critically Ong-Bak & Warrior King) is the leader of the Panter Squad - a group of martial arts madmen employed by a notorious General and Cartel kingpin on the border of Thailand and The Golden Triangle. They have kidnapped a noted Explorer who has been searching for an ancient priceless artefact that the General is desperate to find and profit from. A team of ruthless mercenaries leads a crack team to free the Explorer, crush the General and Jaa's deadly Panther squad. But before doing so they must overcome the fearsome Black Goblins and the crazed Kung Fu Zombies. Battle Warrior is packed with crazy martial arts from start to finish, and with Tony Jaa, features one of cinema's greatest ever action stars.

Release Date:Jan 01, 1996
Casts:Tony Jaa, Thong Chatree, Robert Christin, Christoph Klüppel, Veerasart Muenwai, Thunyaluk Rarchatha, Pattanapong Ratchatha, Panna Rittikrai, Chatchai Ruksilp, Bunlou Srisang, Somchart Timtai